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Catching Up

21 Elient, 1816 – Sigil
Party uses nearly-forgotten portal in Kelmen’s Basement to travel to an alley between the Gearsmith’s base of operations in the Factorum and the Shattered Temple. They use
the Rope Trick spell traded from Esmerelda on a Clockwork Watchman. As Gerald dismantles the Watchman and analyzes how the contents of the brainbox work, Phase Spiders start tearing their way into the tiny extra-dimensional room. Gerald finally extricates the largest of the sensory stones – marked Hold Dark Discretely (HDD, for short) and jumps out. Using the Phase Spiders as a distraction and to cover their tracks, the party makes it back to Kelmen’s House.

After talking with Kelmen, the party determines that they need the help of a powerful mage and/or possibly a psyker to access the stone. Gerald remarks that there are all kinds of brains at the Mortuary – surely one of those will work. Arriving at the Mortuary, the party treats with Anatoli who is happy to offer up use of ‘the jars,’ but take Gerald aside and mentions he may have something more effective. The necromancers descend into the lowest depths of the Mortuary, into a hidden and highly warded chamber, where Anatoli displays, chained up in a magic circle, a vampire Illithid.

22 Elient, 1816 – Sigil

The next morning, Esmerelda arrives at Mortuary to help Anatoli cast an enhanced variation of Magic Jar to send the party into the Vamp Illitihids’ mind, hoping to find someway of interfacing w/the stone. Reality shatters and the party descend into darkness …

??? (Day 1) – Tepest
A small colony of Mindflayers in the rugged mountains are chased from their caves by a sudden vampire assault. Guided by a Githyanki (who is promptly disposed of once his usefulness is over) Lyssa von Strahd lays waste to the colony. Sacrificing himself, their leader tells a handful to warn the Dark Lord of Bluetspur of the incursion. They escape through a narrow tunnel out the back and make their way to the nearest settlement – the human town of Viktal.

Desperate to get out over water (presumably because it’s safe) the party works desperately to convince some fisherman, as well as the Captain of the Town Watch (gotta get plate armor somehow) to take an evening ‘cruise.’ As the party prepares to overwhelm the humans on the boat, a distraction results in the boat being assaulted by several Sauhaguin. A three-way battle to the death ensues and the Illithid survive as the cost of Rapuzel’s Intellect Devourer pets (dogs).

Using sailing knowledge eaten from the fishermen’s brains, the ‘Flayers manage to get the boat relatively close to where the Hags meet with their colony to parlay and receive gifts in the form of human bodies (sans brains, of course). The hags, happy with the bounty they bring, suggest they look for BluetSpur’s High Master Illithid in Kantora, the captial city of the neighboring Vassa Nova domain.

The party manages to avoid most – not all – goblins as they make their way through the dark mountain forest to the next settlement down river from the hags – the town of Kellee. As the sun has set, the town is shut up tight and the party is forced to hold off a goblin attack from within the crumbling remains of a cottage outside the town.

??? (Day 2) – Tepest
The next morning, as the town begins to stir, the party decides that, instead of attempting to sneak inside, they should skirt the town and steal a boat. The plan nearly works, but is thwarted when a lock keeping the boat chained to the dock refuses to give. As fishermen exit the town to begin their day’s work, the group of Illithid are spotted and a number of town guard rush out to stop them.

After a messy fight, the boat is finally freed from the dock – though with a hole – and the party start making their way down river, albeit still under fire from the irate townspeople. As they fight with the leaking boat and drift closer to the southern shore, a low hanging tree allows a vampire to rush out and leap into the boat with them. The vampire tosses several over board – where they quickly scramble back aboard to avoid more scaly encounters in the deep, dark water of the river – before eventually being overwhelmed and tossed in the water itself to a gruesome end.

Having stopped the leak and now finally out of range of the Kellee crossbows, the party find themselves drifting into a thick mist. Using all their abilities, they manage to emerge in Vassa Nova, headed towards the stone walls of Liara.


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