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Bringing the House Down

The smell of smoke wafted up the stairwell as the Misty took a wild swing at the undead Minotaur beside her. The creature stepped back, turned and jumped through the window at the end of the long hallway in which they stood. Instead of crashing through the glass and falling two stories to the ground below, the Minotaur simply vanished.

Taking a moment to regroup, Misty sprinted back up to Cilix’s room on the top floor to warn him of the fire. Gerald decided to quickly exit the building by leaping out a window and casting Earthbind on himself, floating safely to the ground. Sane helped boost Garrick to the floor above, through the hole that formed with a section of the roof had fallen on Igor, and then gathered the terrified residents of the hall behind Charity, casting Calm Emotion and ordering them out of the building. Codex moved up hoping for a shot at the Minotaur, but not it was nowhere to be seen.

Arriving at Cilix’s room, Garrick convinced the disgraced scribe to jump out the top floor window, where Gerald waited to catch him with another Earthbind spell. Misty simply crawled down the side of the building. Making sure he had Cilix’s investigation notes safely in hand, he followed Cilix out the window shortly after.

Downstairs, as Sane trailed behind Charity and residents of the 3rd floor, a charging Minotaur suddenly appeared out of the doorway behind Codex and put her through the adjacent wall. Cursing, literally, the Minotaur, she loosed a Hellish Rebuke, striking her attacker, but doing limited damage. The creature, apparently revitalized by travelling through the portals, and resistant to fire damage, disappeared back through another doorway.

Healing the badly damaged warlock, Hesken made his way to the ground floor, where he began evacuating the residents there. Meanwhile, Garrick and Codex converged on the lobby, where the entrance was aflame – presumably due to the Minotaur’s entrance into the building – and used Create Water to put the fire out. Up above, Sane continued to follow Charity, gathering any and all residents he could find, while Izzy exited the building in a fashion similar to Garrick and Cilix.

For a few moments, the Minotaur was lost to the group, though a few muffled thumps and crashes could be heard above. Eventually, the portal-smashing arsonist emerged into the ground floor hallway in front of Hesken, who engaged with it in a clumsy duel. From outside the window at the end of the hallway, Codex tried to bring down the beast at range, but to no avail. Landing a shot on the beast’s exposed flank, Izzy briefly saw her life flash before her eyes as the Minotaur rounded on her … only to disappear once more as it entered the doorway behind which she stood.

Fire began to crawl down the outside of the building, and other members of the group began to focus on rescuing those tenants who lived on the upper floors: Misty quickly climed the outside of the building with ropes, while Silt and Witherton used their ability to fly (natural for the former, supernatural for the later) to quickly reach the top floor. Down below, Gerald convinced several people to leap from the building … only to watch them plummet to their deaths on the group beside him. The small necromancer look around to see if anyone noticed his encouragement or, more specifically, his lack of casting anything to catch them.



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