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On the River

??? – Day 3, Vassa Nova

Not long after the party emerges from the mists into Vassa Nova, they realize they are not alone. A pair of boats come into the view in the distance, loaded with angry, armed humans from the two towns visited by the Illithids. As the group is beset by Sahaugin, the humans get closer and closer, eventually release a pair of carrier pigeons, bound for Liara. The Mindflayers eventually fight off the fish-creatures, and hide themselves in an arcane fog, slipping into a cave off of the river, hoping the humans pass them by in the fog. While inside the cave, the group encounter the Sahaugins’ pet Hydra, defeating it and uncovering a sizeable hoard of coinage.

??? – Day 4, Liara (Vassa Nova)

Nervously leaving the shelter of the cave, the riverboat starts making it’s way towards the stone walls of Liara, fully intending to pass what is certain to be a hostile town on the far side of the river. Suddenly, a message-bearing pigeon lands on the prow of the boat, indicating the mayor of the town would like to parlay with the group out on the river. Tharn, determined to skip the town entirely (and not become a crossbow pincushion in the process). As the fighter continues to try and row the boat alone, the rest of the party yells across to the small rowboat bearing two humans into the river. After being repeatedly told that the mayor wanted to see this motley group rumored to be raiding up and down the river, the group realizes there is an oily shadow under the row boat. As a chilly realization dawns on the group that the mayor is actually an Aboleth who controls the town, they decide to take their chances and resupply.

While in town, the Mayor reveals that a group of rebels are fighting against its rule, imply that it would show a great deal of appreciation should the group deal with them. As they poke around town, doing some shopping and having their weapons silvered (in the hopes that such an enhancement might help against the vampires chasing them), they notice an abandoned, run down temple in town that the locals appear to eschew. Poking around the ruin, a hidden trapdoor is discovered, leading down into the catacombs where a stockpile of weapons and armor are being stored under the banner of a white gauntlet on the wall. Investigating the area, the party provokes a group of spider-infested zombies and incurs the wrath of a large Corpseweaver which manages to kill Quoor before being felled. After determining there were no more immediate threats, the group takes a long rest.

??? – Day 5, Liara (Vassa Nova)

As the battered and bruised party try to quietly make their way out of the ruined temple, they encounter a group of people listening to a proclamation being read: The mayor had been assassinated and, in a surprisingly quick meeting, the town council has selected a new mayor. In speaking with agents the ‘true’ Mayor, it was revealed that the human-facing agent of the Aboleth was shocked to find themselves face-to-face with themselves. The assassin, for their part, were shocked to have the town’s guards set upon them almost immediately, jumping out a nearby window and disappearing into the town.


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