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Unwelcome Houseguest

Nobody likes a blowhard

19 Elient, 1816.12

Under normal circumstances, Kelmen’s sitting room is used to test visitors’ intents toward Demache or his family. Unfortunately, after exposure to the maddening whispers in the darkness, the enchantments were warped and the party, who had passed the test previously, were now under attack by a number of animate swords, armor, and a rug.

After a protracted and noisy battle, the group finally put down the last of the animate objects and turned to find the Demache’s son (no longer blue) standing in hallway, sleepily rubbing his eyes and asking what was going on. Several party members noticed a rustle in the curtains of an adjoining room before the boy was hoisted by his neck and slammed into the wall by an unseen force.

Kurik tried to interpose himself and felt a compact gust of wind. Drawing it’s ire, the lizardman started taking heavy blows, the child momentarily forgotten. While the party frantically tried to figure out how to contain the situation – and whether or not more windows had been opened, Gerald reached into his spell component pouch and took out some soot, which he threw at the unseen attacker. The soot began to dance and swirl within an indistinct, vaguely humanoid shape .

Suddenly, the necromancer remembered the glass balls that Kelmen had given each of them at dinner and instructed Izzy to throw one at the entity. With a hollow howl, the elemental was drawn into the sphere, which began to vibrate with it’s new occupant’s fury.

As the some of the party secures the rest of the house, the Demache’s rush down, having been guarded in their room by Hesken, to check on their child. Kelmen answered numerous questions and offered to show them what he was working on in his private lab. The sphere was inserted into a device connected to a metal canister. That canister was then attached to a long tube configured to look like a crossbow without arms. This was, in fact, a pneumatic bow that ElemenTech had developed and would soon be delivering to the Harmonium. Hence, Kelmen’s need for air elementals – the power source for the weapon.

A discussion was had about the properties of the weapon, numerous potential alterations, additional ways of weaponizing elementals, and the ethics of doing so. Kelmen was surprised to learn the elementals were sentient and could communicate, presenting an unexpected crisis of conscience and potentially disastrous ramifications for ElemenTech.

The party decided to table the discussion after a long night’s rest.


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